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Mission Statement

In accordance with our school’s mission statement, the LSS Enrichment Center exists to equip students to excel academically, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially. It is our mission to provide all children with the right tools for optimal learning so they may be successful in and out of the classroom, working up to their fullest potential. We are committed to identifying and meeting the distinctive educational needs of each student through individualized educational programming by partnering with parents and teachers.

Our purpose in LSS is to partner with parents and teachers to ensure that our students are receiving instruction designed to meet their academic needs. In order to be successful with this, LSS works in collaboration with classroom teachers to best identify and assist student’s needing additional academic support. Along with providing students with various academic supports, LSS offers teachers with resources and information that they can use in their classrooms to best support all their students.


  1. Academic Plans — Academic plans are designed to provide accommodations and/or modifications for students showing a need for academic support in one or more subjects beyond what is provided for all students.
  2. Individual classroom accommodations, modifications, and/or interventions — Accommodations, modifications, and/or interventions are provided through LSS, based on student need or the academic plan developed for them.
  3. Resource Room –
    • One-on-one pull out services – LSS facilitates small group and one-on-one instruction for students based on student need and following the LSS referral process, some students may demonstrate greater academic support then what extra classroom accommodations and/or modifications can provide.
    • Testing site – LSS serves as an alternative location for students to take their tests to alleviate test anxiety and provide a student with additional time to take their tests.
  4. Sensory Breaks — Sensory breaks are designed to provide students needing additional sensory support with a break to help stay focused and organized during the day.
  5. Special Education Evaluation — LSS works in partnership with the Osseo Public School District #279 for all special education services.
  6. Monitor individual student plans — If a student enrolling at Maranatha Christian Academy has a 504 plan or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) in which parents request to keep current, LSS works with parents, teachers, and the Osseo School District to set up appropriate accommodations and modifications according to the students’ individual goals on their plan.
  7. Tutoring — MCA offers tutoring for both lower school and upper school students. To learn more about tutoring, visit our Tutoring page.