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When a family member, friend, or colleague retires, it’s certainly a time of celebration.  Families and co-workers gather to thank and honor the retiree.  For organizations, the retirement of valued staff and people who you love is challenging, yet there is a tremendous amount of gratitude for their contributions and an excitement for their future.  On Tuesday, May 23 from 4-6 p.m. MCA will host a retirement celebration to thank and acknowledge these staff members. 
Maranatha Christian Academy is an academically rigorous institution. As such, when our students excel, they deserve recognition. On Tuesday, May 30 at 7 p.m. the Academy will host its annual Awards Ceremony honoring students who have achieved high levels of success.   Also, on this night, our lower school students moving into middle school will be promoted. This landmark event is a major step in a student’s journey through Maranatha.   You are invited to join
For a number of years, MCA has worked with New England Prep (NEP) for ACT and SAT test prep.  This program is embedded into our math and English curriculum for students in Grades 8-11, and it has yielded positive results in test performance for our students.  In concert with some other test prep initiatives over the past several years, New England Prep has helped MCA students improve our school average ACT score from about 24
When your student enrolls at a Christian elementary school, such as the one we offer at Maranatha Christian Academy, it is with the expectation that your child will be spending most of their day with teachers. In this unique setting, a parent may ask, “What is the role of the teacher in my child’s Christian education?” First and foremost, your child’s teacher will teach all curriculum with love and service to Christ. His or her
There are some accomplishments in life that require celebration. The Maranatha Christian Academy Kindergarten Graduation and Pre-kindergarten Promotion are two that deserve attention.   This event will feature our youngest learners reciting bible verses, singing some amazing songs, and, of course receiving their certificates as they move on to their next step in their journey through the Academy.   Please consider yourself invited to this special night in our calendar. The event will begin at

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