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Choosing to enroll your child in a private K-12 education program is a big decision. It will affect your child, your family, and your future. The good news is that, statistically, a private school education is more rigorous, more well-rounded, and more sufficiently resourced than its public school counterparts. If you’re still deciding whether public or private school is appropriate for your family, here are 4 reasons that private schools are pulling ahead: Smaller Class
Commencement at Maranatha Christian Academy in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota is unlike any graduation ceremony you’ve ever witnessed. You will hear student testimonies and stories, be entertained by these talented students, and listen, laugh, and cry as Mr. Sullivan, Head of School, acknowledges each student in his final address to “his favorite” senior class (he says that every year). You are invited to join us in this celebration of the Class of 2017 on June 2 in the sanctuary at
  Choosing the appropriate private elementary school for your little one can be an arduous process. There are standards and values about education and behavior that each family holds dear. Finding a school that meets those standards and values doesn’t always come easy. Asking yourself these  four questions before starting your search for the perfect private elementary school can ease the process and assure that you are making the right decision for your child. Why Am

Summertime Safety Tips

Posted by Maranatha Christian Academy on May 19, 2017

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“Summertime Safety Tips” Healthful Hints from the nurse Summer is almost here and time for long warm sunny days with swimming, biking and picnics! It is also time to be thinking of safety. Here are a few tips to have a summer that is fun and safe. Always wear a properly fitting helmet when riding a bike or scooter and while rollerblading or skateboarding. (Approximately 400 deaths occur each year in the U.S. because children
When a family member, friend, or colleague retires, it’s certainly a time of celebration.  Families and co-workers gather to thank and honor the retiree.  For organizations, the retirement of valued staff and people who you love is challenging, yet there is a tremendous amount of gratitude for their contributions and an excitement for their future.  On Tuesday, May 23 from 4-6 p.m. MCA will host a retirement celebration to thank and acknowledge these staff members. 

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