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A testimony written by Corey Bianchi-Rossi based on Anissa Clutter’s story The 80s brought us a lot of things we never want to see again, including big hair, leg warmers, parachute pants, and Wham! While this is true, this decade had a few great things happen, like Anissa Clutter’s arrival in Minnesota and introduction to Maranatha after spending her childhood in Zacatecas, Mexico, where her mom now runs an orphanage known as the “Casa.” Upon
Dear Parent, There are many parallels between Daniel of the Old Testament and our students at Maranatha. Daniel was a man living in a culture very different from his own.  It was a society that didn’t align with his values, morals, or his spiritual beliefs.  Yet, despite all this dissonance between his beliefs and the beliefs of the majority of those around him, Daniel had a tremendous amount of influence, favor, and authority.  How did this

Fireside, High-Tech Learning at MCA

Posted by Maranatha Christian Academy on March 28, 2017

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A lot of thought and prayer goes into every decision at the Academy. We measure everything against the mission of the school: Does it help our students progress toward an academically rigorous and distinctly Christian college-preparatory education? Recently, we renamed the library to the Learning Commons in large part because it is no longer solely for students to just sit and be quiet as reading takes place, but rather an open space encouraging collaboration and
Molly Burnham – honored by BestPrep for the Larson Financial Literacy Award! With over 600 educators participating annually in BestPrep programs, Molly Burnham (Maranatha Christian Academy, Brooklyn Park, MN) stands out for her exemplary commitment to improving the financial literacy of students. Through her participation in Financial Matters and The Stock Market Game, we can see that her dedication to education is enduring and we wish to honor those achievements with this award. The Larson Financial
The Maranatha Christian Academy (Brooklyn Park, MN) Mustang girls’ basketball team won a thriller in the State Quarter Finals. It was a contest that was riddled with fouls and force the Mustangs to dig deep and come from behind on multiple occasions. The spark was supplied by junior Kylie Post (Rogers, MN), whose aggressive style of play created the offense needed to spark runs at various times throughout the game. The game was tight throughout,

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