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Integrating Faith and Learning: Why Christian Children Need a Christian Education

Integrating Faith and Learning: Why Christian Children Need a Christian Education

Creating a curriculum that truly brings faith into the classroom depends on more than praying before class starts and one weekly chapel. While these aspects are valuable, true faith-based learning seamlessly weaves the Word into every aspect of your child’s education, from mathematics to music. In a school passionate about integrating faith and learning, you will find teachers dedicated to revealing to their students how God’s design is present and working in all facets of life. In addition, you will experience students growing spiritually, emotionally, and mentally as they begin their quest into God’s plan. Finally, you will find parents working with administrators, educators, and students to shape a productive and valuable Christian education.

Why Does My Child Need a Christian Education?

  • Because They Will Learn More Effectively
    1. “For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding” (Proverbs 2:6). Because knowledge comes from the Lord, education should continue to be firmly rooted in His Word. It can be confusing and counterproductive to a child’s spiritual growth to hear one message at home and one message at school. When a child is able to focus less on mitigating these mixed messages and focus more on learning, they have the chance to become powerful thinkers in an environment that kindles their love of the Lord.
  • Because They Can Practice Their Faith 
    1. Beyond that, schools that integrate faith and learning are grounded in the same values that you are, meaning that you can trust that you are sending your little one to an environment that is safe, intellectually rigorous, and dedicated to helping parents raise children who are fervent about the Lord. Children in this environment are able to practice ministry and fellowship in a safe space, free from judgement and scrutiny.
  • Because the Bible is the Center of our Curriculum 
    1. Christian schools and academies, like Maranatha Christian Academy, have academic and discipline plans grounded in Biblical teachings. According to a Pew study completed in 2011, children in the United States will spend over 940 hours in school per year. When your child is enrolled in a Christian school, you can assure that each of those hours is distinctly focused on raising children in a way that is family-focused and faith-based. Parents and educators work together to assure that your child grows to be a respectful, productive, and God-loving member of the world.