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Maranatha to join new Skyline Conference in 2019-20

Maranatha to join new Skyline Conference in 2019-20

The administration of Maranatha Christian Academy officially will join the new Skyline Conference, which will begin play in the 2019-20 school year. The new conference will include Athletics, Activities and Fine Arts.

The eight schools in the new conference are Concordia Academy and Saint Agnes from the Tri Metro Conference, Maranatha, St. Croix Prep, New Life Academy and Trinity at River Ridge from the Minnesota Christian Athletic Association, Cristo Rey Jesuit and Nova Classical Academy from the Twin Cities Athletic Conference.

The Mustangs are very appreciative of their time in the MCAA.  Many strong relationships have been formulated over the years.

Why Change Conferences?

The move into the new conference will give MCA a chance to align themselves with schools that are similar in enrollment, activities and athletics offered and an opportunity to provide competition for our fine arts programs. Activities Director Larry Tate stated “This conference is comprised of schools that are projecting the same steady growth as MCA.”

What will stay the same?

  • Post season play will not change. Those assignments are governed by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL)
  • MCA will still maintain our current co-ops that we have in place.
  • MCA will still play in their assigned sections for athletics as appointed by the MSHSL

What are the next steps?

Maranatha will compete in the MCAA for the 2018-19 school year.  During that time, the Activities/ Athletic Directors for the 8 schools will begin planning the new conference activities and events.

Conference Mission

The mission of the Skyline Conference is to provide transformational education-based athletic and fine arts experiences for our students and communities of our member schools.

School Capsules


Concordia Academy (Beacons)
Location: Roseville Athletic Director: Brian Brown
Enrollment: 265 Website:
Head of School: Rev. Tim Berner


Cristo Rey (Pumas)
Location: Minneapolis Athletic Director: Robert Carpentier
Enrollment: 289 Website:
President: Jeb Myers


Maranatha Christian Academy (Mustangs)
Location: Brooklyn Park Athletic Director: Larry Tate
Enrollment: 250 Website:
Head of School: Brian Sullivan


New Life Academy (Eagles)
Location: Woodbury Athletic Director: Kevin Kleiner
Enrollment: 235 Website:
Head of School: Clark Gilbert


Nova Classical Academy (Knights)
Location: St. Paul Athletic Director: Christian Rovn
Enrollment: 272 Website:
Executive Director: Jon Gutierrez


Saint Agnes (Aggies)
Location: St. Paul Athletic Director: Michael Streitz
Enrollment: 266 Website:
Headmaster: Dr. Kevin Ferdinandt


St. Croix Preparatory Academy (Lions)
Location: Stillwater Athletic Director: Rich Dippel
Enrollment: 345 Website:
Executive Director: Jon Gutierrez


Trinity at River Ridge (Tri Hawks)
Location: Eagan Athletic Director: Pat Buchanan
Enrollment: 212 Website:
Head of School: Beth Schmitz
Summer Reading Update

Summer Reading Update

Did you know that students who log their summer reading minutes are eligible for prizes? Continue reading to see what your student can do to participate.

Lower School Students:

Students that read and log on their Scholastic account the following minutes will be entered into a drawing for a gift card.

  • Grades 1-2 = 1,000 minutes
  • Grades 3-5 = 2,000 minutes
  • Each additional 500 minutes will earn another entry into the drawing.

The grade that records the most summer reading minutes (1-5) will earn an extra recess on Monday, October 23.

Questions about the Lower School Summer Reading can be directed to Mrs. Stacy Huether at

Upper School Students:

Students that read and log a minimum of 1,500 minutes will have their name entered into a drawing for a gift card. Each additional 1,000 minutes read will earn another entry in the drawing. Two students, one from Middle and one from High School, will earn a $100 Amazon gift card and additional names will be drawn for $20 gift cards.

Middle School students should enter their reading minutes on their Scholastic account they received in the spring. High School students should fill out a reading log and submit it to Mr. Oehler in the Upper School Learning Commons no later than Friday, September 8. Click here for grades 9-12 reading log. Questions about the Upper School Summer Reading can be directed to Mr. Jerry Oehler at

Reminder! Make sure to check in with your student and his/her summer reading. Click here for details on your child’s assignment.

Alumni Update: Nate Pruszinske and FLTR

Alumni Update: Nate Pruszinske and FLTR

Hello MCA!

It’s been 3 years since my graduation and a lot has been happening lately. As a full time mechanical engineering student at Iowa State University, I decided to participate in the National Student Exchange Program, where I’ve spent my entire Junior year and Summer at the University of Hawaii at Manoa! It’s been an adventure for sure, but even more useful was the opportunity to grow and launch my own business, FLTR.

Over the past two and a half years, I’ve worked on designing sunglasses lenses that would filter your view similar to social media filters, and have designed and manufactured these extremely unique double-gradient sunglasses. Living in Hawaii has given me great opportunity to test the product in a sunny environment, as well as reach out to many travelers and residents in the area.

The unique lenses are what really set FLTR apart from regular sunglasses, which are typically dull, monotone, and desaturating to your view. FLTR’s patent-pending double-gradients lenses shade your upper and lower view, brightening your center focus and enhancing color and contrast like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Instead of just darkening your view with regular sunglasses tones, you can choose between our three filtered lenses – Aloha, Resol, and Lago. FLTRs also use the latest protective vision technology, preventing 99-100% of the sun’s harmful radiation (UVA and UVB rays) from impacting and damaging your eyes! So not only are you enhancing your view, you’re protecting your eyes!

On May 30th I launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this startup, and have begun raising funds to kick-start these sweet filtered sunglasses! In order to begin manufacturing, we need to reach our goal of $20,000 by June 30th, and can only do so by reaching out to as many people as possible to spread the word!

You can check out the FLTR Kickstarter page at and the website at! Thank you in advance for any and all support.


Maranatha Christian Academy’s Private School Teacher Awards

Maranatha Christian Academy’s Private School Teacher Awards

At the end of every school year, Maranatha Christian Academy, a private K-12 Christian school located in Brooklyn Park, MN, hosts an end-of-the-year BBQ and awards ceremony. The following is a list of the awards and the winners for the 2016-17 academic year. Congratulations award winners.

  • The Leadership Award (1 Peter 5:2-3): This award is to recognize an MCA employee who lives out Godly leadership and influence with andamong their peers. This person has both vision and follow-through to bring about improvements and enhancements to their department, area, or to MCA as a whole. The award is $1,000 cash, plaque, and name prominently displayed at the school.
    • 2016-17 Winner: Deb Larson-Wooton
  • Innovation in the Classroom (Eph. 2:10): This award recognizes innovation and creativity in the classroom. Teachers who construct a learning environment where students explore, imagine, and engage in a variety of stimulating and innovative experiences and who inspire a joy of learning in their students will be nominated for this award by their principals and peers. The recipient receives a $1,000 cash prize, plaque, and name prominently displayed at the school.
    • 2016-17 Winner: Evan Handrick
  • Instructional Excellence (Psalm 32:8): This award recognizes those teachers who excel in instruction and pedagogy. Those who demonstrate a conspicuous desire for student achievement and learning while providing an environment of compassionate care will be nominated by their principals and peers for this award. The award is $1,000 cash, plaque, and name prominently displayed at the school.
    • 2016-17 Winner: Cheri Clausen
  • Faithful Servant (Matthew 25:21): This award is to identify those among our community who faithfully serve those around them with a humble and giving heart. Those that consistently strive to assist and support others will be nominated by their peers within the entire staff for this award. The recipient receives a $1,000 cash prize, plaque, and name prominently displayed at the school.
    • 2016-17 Winner: Karen Boese
  • Teamwork and Collaboration Award (Ecc. 4:9-12): This award will be granted on an annual basis to a group or department(s) modeling teamwork and collaboration in ways that support the vision and programs of Maranatha Christian Academy. Each individual associated with a larger collaborative effort will be recognized by administrators and peers for this award. The winners of this award will split $2000 cash, receive a plaque, and have their name displayed in the school.
    • 2016-17 Winner: Lower School Paraprofessionals (Jenny Huhne, Kathy Brandstetter, Amy Cox, Griffin Finton, Jenni Baden, and Tanya Frey)

Deb Larson-WootenEvan HandrickCheri ClausenKaren BoeseJenny Huhne, Kathy Brandstetter, Amy Cox, Griffin Finton, Jenni Baden, and Tanya Frey