Celebrating our Savior’s Birth & How It Transforms Us

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Isn’t it nice to be in a school where we can wish each other “Merry Christmas,” host Christmas programs, and collectively celebrate the birth of our Savior? On behalf of the faculty, staff, and Maranatha Christian Academy, Merry Christmas!

We read in Luke 2:8-11 the account of the shepherds who had an encounter with the infant Messiah. Shepherds had a bad reputation in Israel. They were regarded as dishonest and unreliable. Yes, it was the shepherds who God chose to announce the good news that the long awaited Messiah had been born. They responded by going to Bethlehem to see for themselves. Verse 16 says “they hurried off” and found what they were looking for…Christ the Lord. When they had seen Jesus, “they spread the word” concerning what they had seen and heard (verse 17). They literally could not keep the good news to themselves, they wanted everyone to know! The shepherds then returned to their flocks glorifying and praising God (verse 20). They “returned” to their fields and sheep, to their homes and families. Although their jobs and homes remained the same, they themselves did not. The shepherds were new people in an old situation. They had been changed by seeing Jesus!

The discovering of Jesus Christ is still a transforming experience 2,000 years later. Together, let’s celebrate our Savior’s birth and how it transforms us.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Serving Him together,

Brian Sullivan
Head of School
Maranatha Christian Academy (Brooklyn Park, MN)

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