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Meals for Minneapolis

Maranatha's Meals For Minneapolis is a fundraiser that fits the mission of the Academy. It really is a win-win-win scenario. The local community wins because local food shelves will receive upwards of 30,000 meals that are packed by MCA students. The students win because they learn to serve by packing these meals and learn about the growing challenge of hunger in the Twin Cities. Finally, Maranatha Christian Academy wins by raising funds that will help the Academy fulfill its mission.

Important Info:

  • Fundraising Websites: Every student will be asked to create their very own fundraising website through our FundEasy site.
    • We ask that pre-kindergarten and lower school parents set up sites for their student. We have easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will make this process as streamlined as possible.
    • We ask that each upper school student set up their own fundraising site during. Parents, please ask to make sure that your student has done so.

Important Dates:

Meals For Minneapolis - Monday, October 2-Thursday, November 10

  • What a great opportunity to not only help MCA, but to also assist in raising awareness of hunger in the Twin Cities.
  • We have easy to use materials and tips to help make this process simple and fun. 
  • We ask that every MCA student create a fundraising website, communicate with a minimum of 30 people to ask them to donate, and then sponsor your student in whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

Meals For Minneapolis Meal Packing Day - Friday, November 10

  • Students will be called down to the gym to do their part in packing upwards of 30,000 meals.
  • Volunteers will be needed to help this event be as successful as in the past. .


Volunteer for the Meal Packing Day!