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In preparation for conferences, beginning October 5, it is important to talk to your child about their experiences in and out of the classroom. This discussion will allow you to have an open-minded dialog with the teacher about how your child is feeling.  It is also vital to understand that your student may perceive things differently than others.

One of the core values of Maranatha is to partner with parents and conferences gives us this opportunity. A positive attitude can set the stage for a productive meeting with your child’s teacher. When both parties focus on how your student can be supported and overcome challenges, the conference will produce great results. While it is important to discuss academic progress and potential, teachers also want to be apprised of any changes your child is facing in their personal or family life, and how he or she behaves at home in comparison to how he or she acts at school. By having conferences early in the year, it allows us to build upon our partnership and create clear next steps toward a successful year for your child. When you are finished, be clear about the teacher’s communication protocol, so future interactions will be efficient and productive as well.

Conferences are laid out differently in upper school and lower school. Lower school conferences are by appointment in the teacher’s classroom and last around 20 minutes. Upper school conferences are in an open format in the gym to allow you to meet with all of his or her teachers. Each meeting should last around five minutes so as to give every parent the chance to meet all of your child’s teachers. If you feel the need to discuss things further, it is perfectly fine (and encouraged) to set an appointment with that teacher after conferences. We encourage upper school students to attend the conferences. It is recommend that only parents attend the lower school conferences and talk with your lower school student afterward. We are so excited to meet with you during conferences and build the partnership to ensure your students’ success.

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