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Researching Private Elementary Schools

Finding ideal┬áprivate elementary schools for your child is a big undertaking, so research is imperative. Between the sheer number of options and the values you’re searching for, the information can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for a place to start, here are a few resources that can help:

  1. Your Church

It’s likely that someone at your church shares your passion for a quality, Christian, private elementary education. The benefit of asking your church for options is that they will most likely offer a curriculum that supports the same values that your family does. If your church leaders don’t have information for you, ask members of the congregation. With over 5.4 million students enrolled in private education in the United States, there’s sure to be someone near you who has a testimonial or story to share.

2. Your friends and family

You may have friends and family who have their children enrolled in a private elementary school. Speaking with them about their experiences can help guide your decision and give you the added benefit of having a pre-established network in your child’s new school. Enrolling your child in a school that a friend is enrolled in, given that the school matches your desires, can also ease the transition to elementary school.

3. The Council for American Private Education

This council does research and shares insights into the nature of the nation’s public schools. Their network represents 80% of the world’s institutions for private education and employs a diverse group of board members with personal interest in the advancement of public education.

4. The Schools

Many schools offer pamphlets, brochures, and tours that will give you more information about what they have to offer. Another invaluable resources is the school’s website. Here, you’ll often find blog posts, ebooks, informational pages, and more. Maranatha Christian Academy’s website offers all of the following and we encourage you to give us a look as you search for the perfect private elementary school.

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