The Role of the Christian K-12 School in Social Development

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The Role of the Christian K-12 School in Social Development

We’ve spoken a lot about what sets Maranatha Christian Academy apart as a Christian k-12 school. From our educational opportunities in STEAM to our dedication in employing only those most passionate about the integration of faith and learning, MCA is truly a step above. But one of our most important jobs is assuring that this generation of students grows into future leaders, citizens, and educators who carry on the legacy that Maranatha has instilled in them.

One of the ways that a Christian k-12 school prepares students for their future is helping them to remain steadfast in their beliefs. There is oftentimes a a disconnect between what the popular culture of the time is saying is appropriate and what we have taught our children is appropriate. With the help of a great learning environment, both inside and outside of the home, these future community members will remain unswayed by the culture and focus on the values that their education has taught them: honesty, diligence, piety, and dedication.

A Christian k-12 education also prepares students for the tough conversations and situations they will experience as they move through life. From questions about their faith to peer pressured decisions, students in a Christian private school setting should be able to hold their head high and remain loyal to their values. Unlike the public school setting, where religion is left at the school house doors and decision making is based on popular majority, our students know that the people around them are held to a higher standard. In turn, those students hold other to a higher standard, making troublesome decisions less appealing. To our students, and students in all great Christian schools, it isn’t “cool” to rebel and act out. Instead, success in academics, social settings, athletics, and community leadership is celebrated.

Enrolling your child in any Christian k-12 school could be one of the most valuable, enriching experiences that they have. Enrolling your child in Maranatha Christian Academy guarantees it.


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