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When a family member, friend, or colleague retires, it’s certainly a time of celebration.  Families and co-workers gather to thank and honor the retiree.  For organizations, the retirement of valued staff and people who you love is challenging, yet there is a tremendous amount of gratitude for their contributions and an excitement for their future.  On Tuesday, May 23 from 4-6 p.m. MCA will host a retirement celebration to thank and acknowledge these staff members.  The event will be hosted in the school’s gymnasium and the format will be much like an Open House.  Cards and notes of gratitude, as well as gifts for these treasured servants, are recommended.  To see this event listed on Facebook, click here. The list of the retirees being honored on May 23 is as follows:

Sara Henderson
Sara is a gifted communicator, who has been a cornerstone here at Maranatha for the past 30 years. As a kindergarten and second grade teacher, Sara inspired her students to do and be their very best.  Mrs. Henderson has a wonderful gift of organization and is a brilliant leader which made her a logical choice as a pre-k and lower school principal.  MCA has reaped countless benefits and made excellent programming strides with Sara at the helm of this department.  As many of you know, Sara is a published author and tells her stories with a great deal of humor, but a life lesson is sure to be tucked away in there as well.  I know Sara has taught us all many valuable life lessons.  We wish her all of God’s very best in her next steps.

Linda Halme
Linda Halme has been at MCA for 14 years and is not only an excellent instructor, having taught art as well as being a pre-k teacher, but is an artist in her own rite as a jewelry maker and sculptor.  Linda is creative and nurturing, which is exactly what is necessary to be a successful pre-k instructor.   What some of you may not know is that Linda is a prayer warrior who has led MCA’s staff prayer for the past several years.  There is a wonderful boldness about Linda.  She is able to speak even difficult things into the lives of her colleagues.  She will definitely be missed.

Shelley Hovan
Shelley started at MCA 28 years ago as a part-time bus driver.  If any of you have ever driven a school bus, you know that if you can do that, you can do just about anything.  She then moved into the position of Transportation Coordinator and even stepped into the Business Office for a season.  Then MCA discovered that Shelley was one of our greatest assets as our Student Services Secretary.  In that role, as in any role Shelley has taken on, she has been faithful, gracious, and compassionate.  In my humble opinion, Shelley is the heart of MCA.   She is the first face that most parents and students see in the morning and the last face before they leave for the day.  As a mom, with 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandkids, Shelley knows how to pray.  She has been a prayer and ministry leader and has led a prayer group that I have been a part of for a number of years.  I made Shelley promise me that she would keep in touch, sub for us, and continue to run a prayer group.

Steve Higley
Steve predated my arrival to MCA in 1985, he started in 1981, and Maranatha started in 1978. Wow!  That means he’s been teaching here for 36 years!  Steve has done just about anything that needed to be done here at MCA.  For example, he coached basketball, refereed, ran Promise Keepers, launched the Engineering Program, and (I am dating myself now) assisted me in purchasing and setting up our first computer, a Commodore 64S.  During his time at Maranatha, Steve has been faithful, dependable, and someone who is always willing to help.  You never heard, “I’m too busy” from him.  Steve’s next steps include enjoying time with his wife, reading, getting more in touch with his inner scientist, and he’s agreed to sub at MCA.

Please plan on joining us on Tuesday, May 23 to celebrate and honor these extraordinary staff members.  Maranatha would not be who we are today without their contributions.

Mr. Brian Sullivan
Head of School

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