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Top Christian School Teachers Teach Differently

By enrolling your child in a top Christian school, such as Maranatha Christian Academy, there is a certain expectation that the teachers will be of a higher caliber than a traditional public school teacher. Of course, if a school can actually claim to be a top Christian school, that expectation must be met. There are certain traits of a Christian school teacher that you won’t always find in a traditional setting, but these traits mean that your child is getting the best education they can from people who truly care about their growth in both their education and their religion.

High Expectations, Without the Pressure of Perfection

When a truly great Christian school teacher is in the classroom, you can expect that they are holding your child to a standard that facilitates their journey to greatness. These teachers understand the dangers of being mediocre, as well as the dangers of trying too hard to be perfect. Instead, they strike a perfect balance, allowing your child room to make mistakes and grow in Christ.

Encourage and Seek Relationships

Top Christian school teachers understand that the classroom isn’t just a place to learn your ABCs. They understand the imperative role of social-emotional development and seek to grow relationships with students, in order to help them on their journey to adulthood. Teachers who are simply there to impart information will never see the same results that teachers who take the time to know their students will.

Think and Teach Biblically

The best Christian school teachers don’t just lead their students in prayer at the beginning and end of the day. Instead, they truly weave together education and religion, thinking about both their own lives and the lives of the students they teach from a biblical perspective. Being a truly integrated teacher, one who masterfully presents both faith and learning, takes time that most are unwilling or unable to dedicate to the craft. A top Christian school teacher finds the time and does so joyfully.



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