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Grade Level Tuition *LWCC Member Tuition
Option A: 3 days (pick your days)

(Pre-K: 3-year-olds)

$5,151 $4,751
Option B: 5 days

(Pre-K: 3-year-olds)

$7,191 $6,791
Option C: 3 days M, W, F

(Pre-K: 4- & 5-year-olds)

$5,151 $4,751
Option D: 5 days

(Pre-K: 4- & 5-year-olds)

$7,191 $6,791
Lower School (K-5) $9,137 $8,737
Middle School (6-8) $10,230 $9,830
Upper School (9-12) $10,329 $9,929

Tuition Discounts

*LWCC member discount per student (reflected above)                                                                        $400

Pre-pay full tuition balance by June 5, 2017 (not applicable if receiving financial aid)                 2%

Multi-Child discount (not applicable if receiving financial aid)                                                          $200

**Pre-kindergarten options do not qualify for financial assistance.

Pre-kindergarten Extended Hours: Pre-kindergarten tuition includes morning supervision from 7–8 a.m.

Member Discount Notification 

Families must notify the school if they become members of Living Word Christian Center after enrollment in order to receive the member discount. Living Word Christian Center does not notify the school. This discount is not retroactive for lack of notification.

New Enrollment

New enrollment application Fee                        $125

The application/enrollment process is not considered complete until the non-refundable application fee has been paid.

Continuous Enrollment

Annual commitment fee                                    $125 (billed in March)

A $25 discount will be applied per student for attendance at the Annual Business Meeting and will be billed on the appropriate billing cycle in March.

Associate of Arts Degree

Students in Grade 11 or 12 enrolled in the Associates of Art Degree program will be charged additional fees for required Bible credits that are not covered by the MN State PSEO program. These fees for credits will not be eligible for financial aid, but may be distributed across scheduled payment plans. (These fees may be billed by UNWSP or MCA.)

Year 1 – 6 credit hours                                                           Year 2 – 4 credit hours

Bible Credits Fee ($199 p/credit)          $1194              Bible Credits Fee ($199 p/credit)          $796


Payment Options

Tuition payments processed through TADS allows families access to their account information 24/7. All MCA families will be enrolled in TADS; a fee of $45/family will charged for the ten or twelve month tuition plans. Payments will be automatically debited from a checking or savings account. Payments may charged to a credit card which will include a 3% convenience fee. Reminder emails will be sent 15 days prior to the tuition withdrawal date for your convenience.

Automatic pre-pay full tuition by June 5, 2017

  • Receive a 2% discount–applied after other applicable discounts: LWCC membership and/or multi-child (not eligible if receiving financial aid)
  • Discount will be reversed in the event of early withdrawal

Automatic semester payments on June 5 and November 5, 2017

  • One-half of annual tuition paid on each date

Automatic ten (June 2017–March 2018) or twelve monthly payments, June 2017–May 2018)

  • Payment dates are the 5th or 20th of each month


Late Fees and Insufficient Funds

Late fees: Any payment that is not received by TADS by the due date is considered late and will receive a $35 late fee. In the event that your account becomes delinquent, a TADS representative will contact you via mail, telephone, or e-mail for follow up.                                                                                                                                 

Failed auto-debit/NSF fees: Payments denied due to insufficient funds will be charged an NSF fee of $35. Your bank may impose additional fees.


Withdrawal Penalties/Tuition Refunds

Withdrawal penalties and tuition refunds will be applied per student according to the following schedule:

Student withdraws between June 1 and June 30, 2017                                   $250

Student withdraws between July 1 and July 31, 2017                                      $500

Student withdraws between August 1 and August 31, 2017                            $750

Student withdraws between September 1 and September 30, 2017                $750 plus prorated tuition *

Student withdraws between October 1 and October 31, 2017                          $500 plus prorated tuition *

Student withdraws between November 1 and November 30, 2017                   $250 plus prorated tuition *

December and forward                                                                                     No penalty. Prorated tuition only *

* Tuition is prorated to the last day of the month of withdrawal.

Tuition refunds will be allowed only when the school is given a 30-day written notice of withdrawal; no refund will be allowed when notice of withdrawal is given less than 30 days prior to the date of withdrawal.


Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees may be incurred throughout the school year, depending upon the student’s involvement in individual classes and/or activities. These fees will be paid through TADS or directly to MCA, as outlined in the MCA Parent and Student Manual. Please note that unpaid class fees due to delinquent accounts will result in no credit given to the student until the account is current. A full list of fees can be found in the MCA Parent and Student Manual in the Financial Information section.


Financial Assistance

Financial aid grants are awarded to reduce tuition and are based upon financial need. (Please note: pre-kindergarten options do not qualify for financial assistance.) Applications should be completed online; forms are also available at the Student Services offices. Applications are due March 15, 2017 for returning families. Late application fees will apply after the March 15 deadline for returning families. New families should apply for financial aid within 30 days of acceptance into the Academy. Please refer to the Financial Aid Policy on the MCA website. Parents and students receiving financial aid are expected to be actively involved in fundraisers and volunteerism that promote the school.


State and Federal Subsidy Programs

  • The cost of textbooks, health services, and secondary guidance services is partially offset by the State Non-public Aid bill.
  • Under current legislation, parents may claim a credit and/or deduction on their Minnesota State Income Tax return for some K-12 education expenses. The amount of the credit/deduction depends upon family income.
  • The MCA Pre-kindergarten program is a Minnesota licensed daycare provider. Tuition paid for Pre-kindergarten may qualify as a deduction on your federal and/or state tax return. Please contact a tax professional for further information.

Pre-kindergarten is owned and operated by its affiliate, Living Word Maranatha Early Learning Center. All references to Maranatha Christian Academy are intended to reflect the operations of both schools.

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