A Letter from Mr. Sullivan, Head of School, in the Wake of Mr. George Floyd’s Death

On Tuesday, June 2, Maranatha posted a statement on our Facebook page. This letter shares more of Maranatha’s position and heart in the wake of the death of Mr. George Floyd.

Dear Maranatha Community,

The Maranatha family is deeply saddened by recent events including and surrounding the death of Mr. George Floyd. Innocent lives have been taken from us, citizens are hurting, and our cities are in shambles. Maranatha does not stand for any type of injustice and understands these things that have transpired are acts of evil, and have no place in our school, our community, our city, or our nation. Maranatha is dedicated to being a place where students from every culture and ethnic background can come and feel safe, secure, and most importantly, loved.

As a Christian school, we remain passionately committed to equipping our students to be peacemakers, ambassadors for God’s kingdom, justice seekers, and agents for reconciliation. Part of our school’s calling is to courageously shape culture through confronting prejudice, stereotypes, and pride. We will remain faithful and steadfast to develop within our students a responsibility beyond themselves to bring Jesus, His love, freedom, and acceptance to all. Much like our mission statement says, Maranatha is an influential school of collaborators, innovators, and explorers grounded in Christ-like faith, empowering co-creators of tomorrow. We choose to empower ALL our students to grow and become leaders in our community.

The task before us as Christians is daunting. However, with unrelenting resolve through Christ, we can accomplish immeasurably more than we can ask, think, pray, or even dream, according to Ephesians 3:20. We must actively allow more of Him and less of us to permeate our daily lives leading to the important action needed in this time to reconcile the systemic racism and injustice that has taken root in our society. Courageous conversations, mindful meditations, and purposeful and peaceful actions are no longer someone else’s duties, rather the responsibility of every member of the Maranatha family. Together we can engage and encourage each other in love, bringing about true, heartfelt change.

The Bible says, in Romans 12:15, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” To our brothers and sisters who have suffered racial injustice of any kind, we hear you, we see you, and we hurt with you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Mr. George Floyd and the safety and security of the Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and the surrounding areas.

We believe there will be justice, restoration, and peace.

Serving Him together,

Brian Sullivan
Head of School

Corey Bianchi-Rossi