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In what has been referred to as “ground-breaking,” and “ahead of its time” in the ever-changing landscape of high school and post-secondary education, Maranatha Christian Academy is proud to introduce its Associate of Arts degree program. It is literally a one-of-a-kind opportunity for high school students to not only graduate from a decidedly Christian and college preparatory high school, but also earn an Associate of Arts degree from one of the best Christian universities in the Midwest. Effectively, seniors would receive their MCA diploma and an Associate of Arts degree worth approximately $75,000. Do you want to learn more? We encourage you to read on.

Beginning with the graduating class of 2018, students can complete an Associate of Arts degree (60 credits) from the University of Northwestern-Saint Paul on the campus of Maranatha Christian Academy. MCA students can accomplish this via the use of our College at MCA program in their junior and senior year.  All students who successfully complete the program will be awarded an Associate of Arts and Bible degree from the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, in addition to their high school diploma at commencement.  Students will need to apply spring semester of their sophomore year and meet all College at MCA program requirements to participate.


College at MCA Partnerships:
MCA has partnered with the University of Northwestern (UNW) and North Central University (NCU) to offer college classes on our campus (on-site PSEO). One of the major advantages of this program over traditional PSEO programs is that MCA will have adjunct instructors from both UNW and NCU teach these college classes right here in the safety and security of our campus.  A portion of the AA degree will be completed with NCU and these classes will transfer to UNW to fulfill needed requirements for the AA Degree program.

Program Requirements:
Students need to have a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA.  In addition, they must have a minimum 18 PLAN composite score.  We encourage students to appeal if they don’t meet the minimum requirements and are interested in entering the program.  The administration at MCA will evaluate each student’s academic profile to determine if the program will be a good fit.

Course work:

The Associate of Arts Degree program is split up into two categories which are the Core Curriculum (45 credits) and Specialization (15 credits) for a total of 60 credits.

Within the Core Curriculum (45 credits) the following areas of study are covered:

  • Foundations of Biblical Worldview-6 credits
  • Foundations of Communications- 9 credits
  • Examining the Human Condition- 8 credits
  • Reflecting God’s image/Engaging Communities and Cultures- 6 credits
  • Understanding the Natural World: Science and Mathematics- 8 credits
  • Biblical Worldview: Texts and Application- 8 credits

Specialization (15 credits):

  • The specialization may consist of courses in related areas and can be designed with specific discipline majors in mind, or it may be broader in scope in preparation for careers in other areas.  Courses are to be chosen in consultation with the Dean of Academics.


AA Degree/MCA Schedule:
Each college course a student takes will take the place of a high school course in a student’s schedule.  The college classes are incorporated into our modified block schedule. PSEO classes serve as dual enrollment, so the classes fulfill both high school and college requirements.  Students will need to complete the following MCA courses while in the program: English (in the first year of the program), Personal Finance, and World History I or II.  In the first year of this program students can take two MCA elective classes each semester.  In the second year of the program students can take 3 elective classes per semester. There are Bible classes incorporated into the AA program that students will take each semester, therefore they will not be required to take any MCA Bible classes.

Transferability of Credits:
University of Northwestern and North Central University are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. This means credits earned at Northwestern and North Central are recognized by other colleges and universities.  We strongly encourage all students in the program to seek advising from the Dean of Academics to determine the applicability of the credits at your college or university of choice after high school.  The Associate of Arts Degree is designed to fulfill a core curriculum that most colleges and universities require in a bachelors degree program in the first two years.  For that reason, the credits will not only be transferable, but applicable to a student’s major degree program.

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