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Maranatha Christian Academy is breaking new ground with its cutting-edge college programs offered right here on campus. The Academy is the first high school in the state to be able to offer students the opportunity to earn an Associate of Arts degree in addition to their High School diploma. Having teamed up with one of Minnesota’s most innovative Christian universities, the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, Maranatha will start this two-year program as early as next year. The Class of 2018 will be the first graduating class to earn both their high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree upon graduation from Maranatha Christian Academy!

In addition to the Associate of Arts degree, MCA offers students the opportunity to take other on-site PSEO classes through its partnership with the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, and North Central University. How can we do this? Maranatha will have adjunct instructors from both UNW and NCU teach these college classes right in the safety and security of our own campus.

Qualifying students are also able to take Advanced Placement courses, on-line PSEO classes, and on-site PSEO classes. In all, MCA students will have the opportunity to get a head start on their college careers with our thorough college-preparatory program, all within the safe high school campus here at MCA.

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