Mission Statement

The Maranatha School Counseling Department exists to provide comprehensive programming that addresses the development of the whole student including academic, career, social/emotional, and spiritual growth. By collaborating with school personnel, families, and community resources, the school counseling program will provide every student opportunities to become well-educated, self-directed, and lifelong learners who follow Christ.

College Counseling

College counseling is an intrinsic piece to a student's experience at MCA. An average of 96% of MCA graduates attend college. Our staff desires to partner with students and families to assist them in gaining acceptance to the college or university of their choice.

Academic Counseling

It is our goal to assist students and parents in their academic journey from lower school to upper school and, ultimately, to a post-secondary decision.

Personal/Social/Emotional Counseling

Personal/social/emotional counseling brief services are available to all students, as needed.  School counselors will work with families and refer to outside services if deemed necessary.

The school counseling program at Maranatha includes two licensed school counselors, Anne Mee and Lissa Flaaten, and an academic counselor, Joanna Richter. At times we host an intern finalizing their graduate school counseling program supervised by one of our licensed counselors.  All counselors work with students in the following ways:

  • Individual meetings to support students regarding personal needs or social/emotional concerns, academic achievement, and college/career planning. School counselors offer short-term counseling to students and collaborate with families, when necessary.
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents and teachers. School counselors work with parents and teachers and may make referrals if a student needs more long-term counseling.
  • Responsive services for students in crisis that may need immediate intervention and assistance.
  • Small group counseling which is designed to help young people build relationships while learning to understand their feelings regarding a myriad of specialized topics relating to their lives. Small groups can focus on (but are not limited to) family changes, anger management, friendship/social skills, study skills, anxiety, etc.
  • Classroom instruction which includes both upper and lower school through direct lessons, advisory content creation, and classroom assistance.

Students can be referred to the school counselor by their teacher, parent, or by request. Anne Mee primarily works with Pre-Kindergarten through grade 7 and Lissa Flaaten primary works with students in grades 8-12.  Joanna Richter is the academic counselor for grades 4-12.  To contact your counselor, please call or email.

Anne Mee | School Counselor
(763) 315-7278

Lissa Flaaten | Director of Counseling
(763) 488-7911

Joanna Richter | Academic Counselor
(763) 488-7922

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