Welcome to the Upper School

The Upper School at Maranatha Christian Academy encourages self-discovery.  From creative science courses like Robotics and Engineering to technical writing courses like Yearbook and Journalism, Maranatha gives every student the opportunity to discover their talents and perfect their craft.

An education at Maranatha is demanding, but there are many opportunities for individualized academic assistance.  Help sessions with teachers are available daily to all students both during and after school, and students needing more individualized help on a regular basis can be assigned a peer tutor.  For those with unique learning needs, our licensed special education teacher will implement accommodations and modifications to ensure a successful experience.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Upper High School
Maranatha Christian Academy Science Private Christian Upper High School


Our Upper School science department provides students with a foundational understanding of scientific principles with a Christian worldview that encompasses all fields of science.  Our science courses establish a groundwork of scientific thinking and reasoning that pushes beyond the borders of the classroom, challenging students through inquiry labs and hands-on experiences. Students leave the MCA science program with confidence in their ability to compete in science-related fields at collegiate and industrial levels.


The English language arts department prepares students to be creative thinkers, who are both rooted in the word of God and eager to engage with culture, as well as able to communicate with confidence and overcome any challenges of post-secondary life. The many specialties found in English language arts are crucial for success in our ever-changing 21st century world. From analysis to creativity to effective communication, our goal is not only to prepare students for anything God has for them in life, but also to provide enjoyment of the learning process. After all, lifelong learners are lifelong leaders.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Upper High School
Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Upper High School

Social Studies

Maranatha Christian Academy’s Social Studies department exists to prepare students to be leaders in the community by providing lasting learning about past and present events through God’s lens. To help students see the world from different perspectives - those of the historian, the geographer, the economist, the psychologist, the lawyer, and other social scientists - teachers will employ different tools and techniques of each discipline, helping students to use critical thought as they engage in the world around them.

Centers of Excellence

Here at Maranatha Christian Academy, we have tracks for students that are interested in specific career paths. From our STEAM Center of Excellence that focuses on engineering and technology, to our Entrepreneurial Center of Excellence that focuses on business and innovation - there are paths for all students to discover their passions.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Upper High School