Reimagined | Refocused | Reunited

The Path Back to Campus | Fall 2020

A Well-Lit Map to On-Campus Learning

June 17, 2020

The Bible tells us that God’s Word will be a lamp unto our feet and a light to our path. The staff at Maranatha have been diligently working and fervently praying with regards to what school will look like in the fall of 2020. While the road map may be altered from now until August 31, we truly believe the end destination planned is for a safe return to on-campus learning (our new edusystem). This is predicated upon a shifting, fluid public health situation, which may require Maranatha to pivot with perseverance and courageously explore multiple opportunities as we gain insight into emerging trends and respond to government guidelines over the next few months. The advantage Maranatha has as we prepare is knowing the Lord will continue to illuminate the best route to success for reopening our campus.


  1. Maranatha’s educational system, consisting of a group of interconnected stakeholders, formed by the interaction of a community of students, families, friends, and staff within their environment.
  2. Maranatha’s educational system considered to resemble an ecological ecosystem especially because of its complex interdependent parts.

Our number-one priority is to open our doors and welcome students for on-campus learning in a safe and secure edusystem on the first day of school!

Reunite (4)

Past Success = Confident Future

The success that Maranatha’s families experienced the last quarter of the 2019–2020 school year was a derivative of the forward-thinking, innovative approach to education the school intentionally pursued the last two years. By partnering with Incubate to Innovate, an innovation thinktank group, the teachers and staff were undergoing training to be able to Embrace Exploration, Pivot With Perseverance, Lead With Empathy, Grow Through Failure, Collaborate and Connect, and Create Win/Win Solutions. These Changemaker MindsetsTM were paramount to the teachers being able to create a brand-new online learning platform in just three days and then continually redesigning their virtual classroom to produce one of the most successful remote/eLearning outputs in the state. (If you are wondering if this is true, just ask about your neighbors' experience.)

There is a saying, “You can’t argue with success.” What does that mean exactly? Unequivocally, Maranatha families can say the school is nimble, agile, and resilient enough to make remote/eLearning an immense success, and then can look to how the school will “re-open” this fall. Parents can be confident their child will receive the highest quality, well-thought-out passionately taught education in whatever format delivered during the upcoming school year. All the while, creating a safe and secure edusytem of learning for staff and students alike.

Reimagined | Refocused | Reunited

Reimagined: Thinking outside-of-the-box is one of Maranatha’s strengths, so returning to campus fall 2020 reimagined is, well, expected, and anticipated. We truly embrace exploring new models of what opening the campus will look like under the various guidelines that may be present come August 31, 2020.

Refocused: When circumstances change, and change suddenly, in his or her surrounding environment, a photographer is forced to refocus on the target based upon relevant factors such as light, distance, etc. The picture of education changed dramatically this past year, and the factors surrounding how (and where) school takes place needs to be refocused. Maranatha has already changed the image of education and will continue to refocus to develop your children, the co-creators of tomorrow.

Reunited: Family is everything—belonging, support, love, and joy are staples of the Maranatha way. If there is one thing the teachers and staff craved the last quarter of 2019–2020, it was the collaboration, connectivity, and, of course, the smiling faces of their students. Reuniting our community is a top priority as we look to start the next school year.


What Does School Look Like Fall 2020?

Transparency has always been a trademark at Maranatha. As we walk through this process together, our goal is to provide clarity of what school will look like when we return in late August.

Over the summer we will provide you, our valued Maranatha community, with a clear look ahead. As you know, many factors will play a part in our rollout of the plan to be back on campus fall of 2020. You can expect to see a well-thought out and tested approach, along with some variations as we release more information.

In the meantime, please continue to pray for Maranatha, its families, and our staff. And remember, “We’ve got this, ‘cuz He’s got us!”

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