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The Path Back to Campus | Fall 2020

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Updated August 5, 2020

Nothing Is More Vital

Even though our teachers and staff were able to make remote learning not feel distant, I think we can all agree, nothing is more vital to educating our children than being in a classroom with one of our masterful teachers. Interaction, expression, encouragement, mentorship, empathy, guidance, and laughter all impact children and their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional growth.

The majority of our parent base and teachers have made it clear that in-person, on-campus learning is worth almost any consideration…even the wearing of masks during the school day as mandated by the Governor in Executive Order 20-81. For some, this is not a big deal as they have been wearing masks for quite some time while out in public. For others, it is a major change. To assist with this new way of making school work while adhering to this Executive Order, we ask for your help and trust.

Your trust in that:

  • Our teachers care for your child. And so, will provide necessary brakes throughout the day, while keeping their class safe
  • Our superior staff is thinking through all aspects of what makes a Maranatha education special – even while wearing a mask.
  • As a Christian school, we will obey the laws/mandates of the land (the Governor’s Executive Order 80-21, requiring masks to be worn) and look to provide the proper example for our children.

Your help by:

  • Finding the benefits in this mandate, which we pray will be short-lived (God-willing).
  • Making it as bearable as possible by providing masks or appropriate face coverings that are fun and exciting for your child within the guidelines laid out by Maranatha.
  • Confirming and supporting the staff in adhering to the policy

Maranatha is offering branded face masks and other coverings on the spirit wear store that are approved, fun, and affordable. Should you purchase your own, please make sure all face coverings are in alignment with our Christian faith and mission of the school. Face masks that advertise anything oppositional to our faith or any political party agenda are not acceptable.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate this continuous surge of information surrounding the opening of school to our community in a safe and secure manner. Our goal is to communicate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

To view the full Executive Order 20-81, please click here.

The Path Back to Campus

In mid-June, Maranatha released its first communication to our community laying the foundation from which we were building our new Edusystem* with our number-one priority of opening our doors to welcome students for on-campus learning on the first day of school fall 2020.

*Edusystem: Maranatha’s educational system consisting of a group of interconnected stakeholders, formed by the interaction of a community of students, families, friends, and staff within their environment.

Back of student girl holding books and carry school bag while walking in school campus background, education, back to school concept

Destination Maranatha... How We Return to School


As promised, the next step in our preparation is to convey to you, our valued partners, how returning to school will look in this COVID-19 era. The destination is Maranatha, our guide is the Holy Spirit (Psalm 119:105), and our goal is a safe, secure, and connected return focused on our mission to be an influential school of collaborators, innovators, and explorers grounded in Christian faith, empowering co-creators of tomorrow.

Yes! We will be back on campus for in-person classes five days a week. Knowing Maranatha’s strengths are its strong community, innovative and collaborative teaching methods, and our firm Christ-centered faith formation, we will remain clear in our objectives, while being aware of the safety and security of our students and staff. Our planning task force is and will be constantly monitoring the situation, taking into consideration the guidelines and recommendations of the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), the Department of Human Services (DHS), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

What Does the School Day Look Like?

  • Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian School

    Maranatha will practice its normal published drop-off and pick-up times. Dismissal from classes will be staggered so as to create more space in the building for students to gather their belongings and leave the building in a succinct manner.

  • Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian School

    Before school care will be offered, including the popular E.A.R.L.Y. Program for our lower school students, extra safety precautions will be in place, including grade-level pod scheduling.

  • Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian School

    Afterschool care will be offered through our X-Tended Day Program. Extra safety precautions will be in place, including grade-level separation.

  • Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian School

    Athletic offerings will follow Minnesota State High School League mandates.

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School desks near color wall in classroom

Reimagined—Life on Campus

Refocused in a World of “What Ifs”

While we are confident that the back-to-school plan will allow the school to safely fulfill its mission and service our students and families in a manner they expect from Maranatha, we also know we live in uncertain times. As we witnessed this past spring, it is imperative that the school is prepared for interruptions. If our local community or Maranatha experiences a spike in COVID-19 cases that impact our ability to effectively provide schooling in our current plan, it may be necessary to pivot and provide a blended or remote learning experience for a limited period of time.

Please be aware, we are working to minimize the impact on families should the need to shift arise. For instance, lower school grades are not intermixing (organized in grade-level pods). Therefore, should there be an incident in a particular grade, it will not impact families with students in other grades. Also, if a student is not able to (or chooses not to) come to school, we are working with Maranatha IT to implement seamless solutions for both the teacher and student to allow for both on-campus and remote teaching and learning to take place (a hybrid model). Finally, the success of our remote/eLearning model last spring will allow our staff and students to transition easily (with minor modifications) should the need arise due to government mandate or an outbreak in our community.


Reunited With Love and Care

The health and safety of our students, families, and staff have always been and will remain a top priority for Maranatha. Because of this and the fact we love and care about each member of our community, we are developing “Criteria of Care” for us all to work together as one family. When we all do our part, we will be able to keep each other safe.

Staying Informed

  • Communication regarding COVID-19, school policies and procedures, etc., is a vital part of our plan to be safe on-campus. We are committed to keeping families informed through this new webpage and through our weekly emails.
  • Regular dialogue with students will promote behavioral expectations and develop a culture of care and thoughtfulness toward one another. Additionally, students will be reminded of the following:
    • Be mindful of personal space/physical distancing.
    • Properly cover sneezes and coughs in elbow of arm.
    • Respect others’ decision of whether or not to wear face coverings.
    • Stay home when you are sick.
    • Reminders to not touch one’s face.
    • Regularly wash and sanitize hands throughout the day.
  • Signs will be placed around the campus to remind students and staff of proper protocols and expectations including:
    • Physical distancing.
    • Personal hygiene practices.
    • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer.
    • COVID-19 Symptoms.
    • “How to cough/sneeze” reminders.

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