Coding Through Private School: How Coding Programs Are Preparing Our Children

Maranatha Christian Academy is always providing a progressive educational experience, ensuring students are prepared for tomorrow’s world. Maranatha offers cutting-edge learning opportunities, including computer coding. Coding is an essential skill and quickly becoming the “foreign language” students around the world will use to communicate, making it a primary focus of technological education today. So why is it important to enroll your child in a technologically-focused school like Maranatha?

Computer Coding School Program

Keeping up with modern learning concepts and techniques is challenging, schools with computer coding courses give them a distinct advantage. It prepares them for a university-level education and gives them a glimpse into the complex careers in the computer science industry. The teachers of Maranatha Christian Academy aim to equip students with the right technical skills they need in the future. In fact, according to Google, over 65 percent of students are bound to work in jobs that do not exist yet, as of today.

If students are not prepared for the fast-paced world they will live in as adults, they will find it hard to pursue their career of choice. Computer science is an evolving complex subject. That’s why teaching kids and helping them develop technical skills will give them an edge in the complexities of the next generation. Hence, Maranatha Christian Academy continues to build programs and support partners that will make our students excel every year.

Easiest Way to Teach Students in Coding Program

Maranatha’s comprehensive programs, including coding, make it easier to incorporate computer science into the curriculum. students, as early as pre-kindergarten, have an idea of what coding means. Teachers provide online activities, mentor videos, and other related resources to inspire them to take the initial step into coding. The interactive program is designed to be grade-specific so that students will be eager to study coding, beginning with Bee-Bots in pre-kindergarten. These bee-like robots provide a fun and interactive way to introduce coding to Maranatha’s youngest learners. These and many other leveled-learning concepts through to high school help expedite the learning process and open student’s minds to new ideas and ways to creatively apply them. For instance, block-and-text coding will teach students to use intuitive visual language, JavaScript, and Python.

Educating Young Coders

Once students are exposed to the computer coding program, they love it. They enjoy opportunities in computer learning while preparing for their future workforce environment. If you want your child to become technically equipped and be a proficient coder at a young age, Maranatha Christian Academy is here to help you.