Do You Own Your Own Story?

Do you own your own story?

Do You Own Your Own Story?

By: Joanna Richter

Empowered people own their stories. They know where they have been – the struggles they have walked through, the joys they have experienced, and the people who have been their guides that has led them to where they are today. They see each season as a chapter in their overall story.

Each new school year students enter the classroom expecting to take in information their teachers tell them they need to know, but what if this year was different?! What if students entered the classroom this Fall ready for another chapter in their story where they would be empowered to own the struggles that come their way, seek guidance and solve problems?

Practically speaking, what does this look like? I once heard about a school where students don’t complain about aspects of school they dislike because the teachers and administrators take that as an opportunity to let the student seek out solutions. Might this be an opportunity for all of us, no matter what profession we are in? If people start to complain about something, we ask them to own the problem and become part of the solution?!

“Empowered students are those who see their story continue beyond the walls and doors of our schools, beyond the seven-hour days, and beyond the final bell” (Juliani & Spencer, 2017).

The amazing opportunity awaits our students each year to take a new journey in their story. The amazing opportunity for us lies in that we get the front row seat of our student’s journeys as we let them tackle problems and guide them on the journey.

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