Embrace Exploration

ChangeMaker Mindsets Embrace Exploration


By: Amanda Kopischke

How do we navigate a complex, rapidly changing world where business and organizational modeling and strategies rise and fall?  

How do we reimagine education so that authentic learning experiences for students more readily prepare them with 21st-century skills?

Today is the slowest the world will ever be.  Technology continues to improve and change.  The needs of customers are constantly evolving.  There is no such thing as a defined and predictable path anymore.  So what does that mean for each of us seeking to be ChangeMakers leading effectively within our sphere of influence?

ChangeMakers are exploratory learners and leaders who lean into POSSIBILITY by choice and invite others to join.

“In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

We all must explore or we will expire!  It all starts with the ChangeMaker Mindset called Embrace Exploration.

How can I cultivate a curious inquiry-based approach to seeing and understanding the world? The journey toward exploratory and deep learning is valuable because it moves a person from the Zone of Predictability to the Zone of Possibility.

ChangeMakers lean into possibility and opportunity by challenging the assumptions in their lives and the judgments and labels of others. We can make the conscious choice to deny the “boxes” assigned by others if we explore.

Transformation happens in unknown territories, but we must first be willing to Embrace Exploration.  The steps I have taken to Embrace Exploration have truly enriched my life.  The Zone of Predictability continues to serve a purpose, but it is the Zone of Possibility where I feel the most ALIVE and full of JOY.

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