Changing the Future Through Giving

They say we support causes with WHY they do what they do, not just WHAT they do. But for Maranatha we have some really great WHAT's. We have students getting 36 on their ACT, we have millions of scholarship dollars coming into our graduating classes, we have an amazing S.T.E.A.M. Center for engineering and innovation, we have the Beyond Impact Entrepreneurship Center to train students in Business Leadership, our new Schroader Music Center, and we have so much more! In fact, this school year we are looking at remodeling our Lower School Learning Commons, and making further advancements with our Entrepreneurship Center. We really do have a lot of amazing thing we have done and will do. But WHY?

All of WHAT Maranatha does has a much deeper meaning than test scores, fancy new spaces, and college preparation. You see, WHY we do all of this, WHY we built out the new centers, WHY we push our students, is TO CREATE GODLY LEADERS FOR THE NEXT GENERATION. That is WHY we do it, that is WHY we teach, that is WHY we exist. All of what we do, all of the new centers, new initiatives, testing, athletics... it's all to mold our children to be Godly Leaders for their generations and and be an influence around the world for the Kingdom of God. That's it, that is WHY

You see, when you give to MCA, you are ultimately giving to the WHY. Sure, there are different projects or programs that may peak your interest, but giving truly is influencing the next generation!

We are asking every one of our families to participate in giving this year. Please fill out the form with a pledged dollar amount for this school year to impact future generations!

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