Amanda Kopischke and Angela Anderson, owners of Incubate to Innovate, LLC, discuss how their company is working with MCA teachers to develop new mindsets in our students.

Maranatha has partnered with Incubate to Innovate, LLC, to ensure our teachers receive the professional development needed for their ministries to thrive here at the Academy. Incubate to Innovate offers a truly revolutionary method of equipping our staff with the tools and coaching needed to teach their ChangeMaker Mindsets, positioning students to impact their world. Over the next several days, please take a few short minutes to listen to the testimonies of teachers who have already completed this process and implemented these practices in their class. If you would like to support this professional development program for our teachers, please follow the link below. Thank you for your support, and God bless your day.

Jody Szwaja and Cheri Clausen have been a dynamic teaching duo for 24 years at MCA. Learn how they are still developing and implementing new skills as a result of the Incubate to Innovate program.

"In our changing world, it is essential that we can effectively collaborate and connect with others. It is important that we have the tools to work respectfully and productively. As educators, we strive to build a collaborative environment in our classrooms. Innovate to Incubate has provided opportunities to collaborate with other educators to explore new methods to accomplish this goal. With this mindset, our students collaborated to create a crocheted blanket to give to a child that they felt a strong connection to, after hearing about this child’s serious injury. Thank you for supporting Maranatha Christian Academy as we train students to collaborate and connect to their world.” - Jody Szwaja and Cheri Clausen

Allen Banks focuses on teaching his students to grow through failure, instead of being defeated by it, thanks to the training he received with Incubate to Innovate.

"Failure is a harsh word. Nobody wants to become a failure in anything they do. We live in a culture that encourages competition and creates anxiety to be perfect at all times. As teachers, it is challenging to encourage students to recognize failure in a way that leads to growth and learning. I recently participated in the Incubate to Innovate staff development cohort. Within this cohort, I learned about the ChangeMaker’s Mindsets and now training students to grow through failure has become part of daily conversations with my students. Thank you for your support as Maranatha Christian Academy works to prepare our teachers and students to innovate and be ready for anything in their future.” – Allen Banks

Colette Winn shares her experiences teaching first graders to make a positive impact by creating win/win solutions.

"In the classroom as well as in life, students will have to learn that things don’t always work out the way they want. However, Incubate to Innovate has trained me how to encourage a win-win approach with students. The strategy allows students to problem solve and try to provide a win-win solution when possible. After just a few lessons in this mindset, I have seen a tremendous advantage for myself and my students in problem-solving and collaboration techniques. This is a skill that is crucial in our fast-paced society. It encourages all of us to consider other’s needs and not just continue with the easiest solution for a problem, but for an idea that will benefit all.” – Colette Winn

Ms. Rachael Long shares the importance of the ability to Pivot with Perseverance, one of the ChangeMaker Mindsets from the Incubate to Innovate Professional Development Program.

"Innovation in the classroom does not come without its own challenges. In the pursuit of classroom creativity, sometimes the ideas do not work as planned, and this can be frustrating for students. Incubate to Innovate has taught me how to work with students through these challenges by training them with the mindset of “pivoting with perseverance.” I learned that it is okay for my students to embrace challenges and allow them time to pivot towards new directions instead of the roadblocks of frustrations. Allowing students the space to persevere in the midst of challenges has been transformational as students find power not only in their ideas but also in their strength to reach their goals through pivoting. I am grateful for the mindsets that Incubate to Innovate has brought to not only my life, but also the lives of my students as we all continue to pivot and persevere in a rapidly changing world." - Rachael Long

Ashley Viehauser, assistant middle school principal, discusses the impact of leading with empathy.

“At MCA, we recognize that our students must be equipped for a constantly changing world where innovation and technology are at the forefront. Through ChangeMakers innovation training, our students are developing skills of leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration that will be essential for their future success. One unconditional aspect of this training is learning to lead with empathy. To be an effective leader, we must learn to put ourselves in another’s shoes, find solutions to problems that meet human needs, and create products with the end user in mind. When our students allow their focus on others to drive their decision-making process, they will find their greatest potential to impact the world around them for good.” - Ashley Viehauser

Evan Handrick, director of the S.T.E.A.M. center, talks about the mindset he sees making a true impact.

“When preparing students for college and beyond, it can be hard to keep up with our rapidly changing world. It’s vital that our young people and community are open to exploring new ideas and perspectives that serve as a foundation overcoming challenges and seeing opportunities when they present themselves. Often, we can fall into a routine of direction-following. While that is important, stories of highly creative innovators often share a common theme of people being open to and embracing of exploration.

Maranatha embraces exploration for the benefit our students and staff to provide them mastery and exposure to tools, techniques and mindsets that prepare them for wherever God leads them. As children, we naturally learned through our God-given curious and exploratory minds. Developing and mature minds alike can tap into the curious and creative space God has instilled in us. Thank you for your support and prayer as we guide your children through creative exploration.” - Evan Handrick