Pivot with Perseverance

Pivot with Perseverance

Pivot with Perseverance

By: Amanda Kopischke

Pivot with Perseverance is one of Incubate to Innovate’s ChangeMaker Mindsets™. For many of us, we are facing a world that we did not expect.  Anxiety increases as we race to keep up and keep ahead of the game.  Solutions from the past are no longer working in the present. Strengthening adaptive capacity is greatly needed!

The mindset of Pivot with Perseverance asks a critical question: How can I embrace the challenge and opportunity life brings? The power of pivoting while using perseverance allows words, actions, thoughts, and attitudes to work together for good.   

Adaptive capacity is defined by Heifetz, Linksy, and Grashow as “the resilience of people and the capacity of systems to engage in problem-defining and problem-solving work in the midst of adaptive pressures and the resulting disequilibrium.”

I quickly learned that I was abiding in a state of constant frustration in a rapidly changing world and I needed to learn to Pivot with Perseverance.  The deeper transformative work was recognizing that pivoting for me was not the issue.  It was realizing the opportunities I had to pivot where my thought patterns, attitudes, and words could shift in a more positive direction in order to lead more effectively.

Pivoting with Perseverance is beautiful in how it changes your position, strategy, and trajectory, but it does not EVER distract from your overall purpose.

What areas of your life do you need to practice Pivoting with Perseverance?

How can you embrace both the challenges and joys that life brings? 

Are there people in your life that can help you to pivot and persevere? 

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