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Dear Friends,

It is my privilege to give you a glimpse of a vital part of our efforts to equip the next generation here at Maranatha Christian Academy.

For more than 20 years it has been my amazing honor to oversee the work of Maranatha Christian Academy. That position has given me one of the best seats in the house to watch children grow into young people, and young people grow into powerfully capable Christian adults.

I have not only seen them grow in physical stature, I have also watched as they have formed a Christ-centered worldview that has positioned them to stand strong in a post-Christian, and at times hostile culture. Most gratifying of all, I have seen Maranatha produce Christian adults who are making a difference for Jesus Christ in their communities. Simply stated, Maranatha Christian Academy, in partnership with parents and local churches, is producing world changers.

It has been said that “There can be no success without a successor.” This is a basic biblical principle. Through Maranatha, we are creating a legacy that, should Jesus tarry, will extend far beyond our own life spans. We are passionately committed to fostering spiritual, intellectual, and moral excellence in our students. We work and give so they may stand on our collective shoulders and do more for the Kingdom of God than we ever could.

We are working diligently to prepare our successors to further His kingdom through their lifestyles and vocations: to send forth strong individuals who don’t shrink back from our culture but rather engage it by influencing the cultural dialogue surrounding politics, social justice, law, science, media, education, and the arts, all from a biblical perspective.

Thank you for considering Maranatha Christian Academy. A school big enough to offer a wide variety of opportunities in academics, athletics, and the arts–while being small enough to know every student. A place where we value fun and serious effort in both team camaraderie and individual pursuits. A place with an outstanding faculty that gives students the challenge of advanced academic work along with the benefits of academic assistance, personal attention, prayer, and small class sizes. A place where academics are more than just a pathway to college; where sportsmanship is more than just winning; and service is a way of life. A place offering a first-rate education that integrates our Christian faith and heritage with college-preparatory learning.

In His service,

Brian J. Sullivan

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