Service Program Summer Update

Summer is a great time to start your 2021-22 service hours requirement. Here is some information that may be useful for you to know.


2021-22 Service Requirements

6th – 8th grade: 25 hours must be logged for the year.  Continue to log hours even after completion of required hours.

9th – 12th grade: 35 hours must be logged for the year.  Continue to log hours even after completion of required hours.

Students that log a minimum of 200 hours will receive a Service Certificate.

Students that log a minimum of 300 hours will receive a Service Letter Award.

We are not accepting Google Form submissions at this time. Please keep track of your service hours in a notebook to be logged in the fall when school is back in session.

6th – 8th Grade Only: The signature of a parent is used near the end of each quarter to verify all hours listed on time reports.  A grade will not be given until hours for the quarter are verified. You may use the emails which you have saved to verify your hours with your parent near the end of the quarter.

General Notes about Hours

Hours cannot be carried over from a previous school year.

When counting your hours, you should be keeping track of the time that you are doing the activity. For example, for emptying recycling, if it takes you 5 minutes to empty one container, you would do 6 containers to equal 1⁄2 hour.

If you are doing an overnight, only hours that you are serving should be counted; hours for sleeping or personal time should not be counted.

If you are unsure if what you are considering doing for Service Hours would qualify, contact your Bible teacher.

What Counts for Service Hours

Missions trips

Meetings for service work (missions team meetings, student council meetings)

Prep time put into being the leader of a Bible study or other student group

Tutoring another student

Helping teachers, facility maintenance, or administration NOT during an intern period

Advisory service projects and all-school service projects

Writing appreciation notes to military personal, firemen, policemen

Volunteering at an outreach in your community (e.g. Feed My Starving Children) or church (e.g. nursery ministry)

Volunteering to help with a youth sports team or club

Helping neighbors, relatives, or others with projects that you are not being compensated for.

Update to the Service Hours program for 2021-2022: Service hours for immediate family on large projects, if given prior approval by your Bible teacher. (You may no longer count hours for helping your immediate family without approval.)

Interning for a class (e.g. If you are assigned to be an intern for Mrs. Thill, you do not get Service Hours to help her during your intern period.)

NHS & NJHS service work doesn’t count for hours; as the organizations themselves do not allow this. Any activity that compensates the student monetarily, academically, or towards lettering

A manager of a sports team or a stagehand for a theatre show makes you part of that team, and doesn’t count for Service Hours. Anything that you do that is above and beyond and generally isn’t expected of a person in your position, however, can be counted.

What Doesn't Count for Service Hours

Any service for your immediate family that has not had prior approval by your Bible teacher – the idea is that you are reaching out beyond your four walls.