The Beauty of Design

Coffee Cup that says Begin

The Beauty of Design

By: Rachael Long


Do you see a face or a vase

In the picture above, do you see a face or a vase? Maybe, you see both? I use this illustration as a reminder that we all see different things when facing a prototype, challenge, or opportunity. In my line of work I have come to realize that it’s not necessarily about what’s in front of you, but about where you can take it. The power to reimagine is an incredible gift that we all have.

What is possible is only up to our imagination. Take a minute and try this activity with me: draw the palm of your hand and the start of each finger (see sketch example below), but don’t finish each finger. Take 5 minutes (here’s a timer for you) and reimagine what each finger could become if there was no limit. When your time is up, keep scrolling.

Reimagine hand drawing

Hard to start isn’t it? Moving from predictability to possibility can seem hard when there are truly many options to choose from. However, the beauty in that 5-minute challenge was not in the designs themselves, but in the willingness to take an action step. The hardest part in my own work with design thinking has been taking that step. But, my friends, can I be honest? I have never regretted one step thus far in the process! Moving from what we see to what we can do is not a simple shift, but each step can bring about a new vision or opportunity for us and for those that we impact in our daily work. That is the true beauty of design!

So, I want to encourage you to take time this week to reimagine. It could be a meeting, an office space, a lesson plan, or even a classic dinner dish your family loves. There is joy in this process. What will you reimagine this week?

I’ve placed my hand design below and would love to see yours too! Happy reimagining my dear friends.

Reimagine Hand Drawn

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