Implement. Evaluate. Change.

October 1, 2021

Today, things continue to change at a record pace. At Maranatha Christian Academy, living at a time and in a world where there seems to be no status quo, motivates us. You see, we work hard to set, and then re-set the bar in all things school-related. We do this with our eyes on our mission, hearts beating in sync with each other, and an unquenchable desire to follow God’s will for the school.

This year has brought about new challenges, as we anticipated, causing us to continually evaluate how we work, how we teach, our protocols and policies. COVID, of course, is top of mind. We monitor how it has not only impacted the health of our families but also teaching and learning. Due to the success we realized in 2020-2021, we entered this year following the same protocols used when we ended the previous year with the exception of adding an exemption for close contacts in vaccinated individuals.

With data from the last month, knowing that many schools in Minnesota have not been contact tracing, and the knowledge that the policy we started the year with is not significantly affecting the spread of COVID among our students in our school, but has introduced some anxiety and angst due to missed days of school, sporting events, and the extra time needed for families to pivot and accommodate COVID testing and students being home, we are implementing some changes.

This page will address these adaptations to the policy and our COVID Decision Tree.


Contact Tracing Updates

During the first month of school, we have been evaluating how COVID is affecting our school. As we track the data, we have found that our current close contact tracing policy does not significantly affect the spread of COVID among our students. In addition, we have connected with other schools in Minnesota and learned that most schools are not contact tracing. With this information, we have decided to implement a new COVID protocol. Beginning immediately, for kindergarten through Grade 12, MCA will not be contact tracing when individuals in our Maranatha community test positive for COVID. Quarantine requirements have also changed. Please see COVID Protocols below.

  • Prekindergarten protocols and policies have not changed, and to follow DHS policies, we will continue to contact trace.

For students kindergarten through Grade 12

  • If a person has symptoms, the same steps will be followed and are detailed in the decision tree. Paying close attention to symptoms is paramount to keeping the school safe.
  • If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, the individual will follow the same steps detailed out in the decision tree.
  • Maranatha will not be close contact tracing, but all families will be notified of positive cases in their pod.
  • Maranatha will not mandate quarantining of individuals who may have been in close contact with a positively-tested member of the Maranatha community unless the positively-tested individual is a household member.
    • IMPORTANT. Household members of positively-tested individuals must quarantine for 14 days. Day 1 of quarantine starts the day after the positive-tested person in the household’s symptoms first appeared. While in quarantine, any close contact should stay home and away from positive-tested individuals in the household.
  • If a household member does not attend Maranatha and tests positive for COVID, please inform the school that the MCA student is now a household close contact by emailing By doing so, the school will be aware that they will need to quarantine.
  • PLEASE DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL IF SYMPTOMS ARE PRESENT. We want to encourage a Care for our Community mindset.
    • We want to thank our families who have been diligent in keeping their children home should symptoms appear.

We will continually evaluate our policies and protocols. If there are any changes, we will notify our families.

COVID Decision Tree

UPDATED October 1, 2021

The world we live in is constantly changing...and quickly! A few years ago, if someone played the word coronavirus in a scrabble game, opponents would have challenged the legitimacy of the play! Now COVID-19 is part of everyday conversation.

Maranatha Christian Academy places high importance on keeping our students, staff, and guests safe and healthy. Not only are we intent on remaining open for in-person, on-campus learning for the full school year, we also want God's best for all of our families, this includes happy and healthy kids! In order for us to accomplish our goals, your partnership is invaluable.

One such way to partner with us is to get to know the COVID Decision Tree and follow the appropriate path according to your current situation. Should you have any questions, please contact the school and we will be more than happy to come alongside you to explain next steps.

Please click the button below to view the Maranatha Christian Academy COVID Decision Tree.

Masks & More...

Maranatha will continue to follow a “Mask Optional” policy similar to how the last school year ended after the Governor lifted the state-wide mask mandate. Should any student, staff, parent, sibling, or guest choose to wear a mask, we will welcome their choice and honor their decision. At this point, Maranatha will not be mandating the use of masks.

The school is continuing our COVID protocols to keep everyone safe. These include diligent cleaning efforts both during the day and after hours, the use of our air purifiers in our rooms, encouraging students and staff to wash hands regularly, making sanitizing stations available, temperature checks for guests as they enter, and we will begin the year with our grade-level pod structure in place, similar to how we ended the last year. In addition, we have updated our COVID Decision Tree.

Continual updates will be provided as we are anticipating swift changes and recommendations throughout the year from health officials, our local government, the Department of Health, and the CDC. When this happens, we are confident that Maranatha will be able to navigate this upcoming school year with the same excellence, flexibility, and God-honoring decision-making as it did over the 2020-2021 year. Your continued support and partnership are an integral part of what will be “The best school year ever.”

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Foundations Matter

Swiftly changing culture and educational standards can create stress, uncertainty, and worry. At Maranatha Christian Academy, our Biblical-based modeling and teaching raise the bar and build self-confidence in our students. In doing so, we create stability in the life of our students, where what is being instilled at home compliments what is being taught at school.

Our families can rest assured that Maranatha’s unwavering Christian Worldview will always be a vital part of its curriculum that establishes a solid foundation in our students. Of course, the innovative, collaborative, and explorative mindset will continue to be a staple as we develop co-creators of tomorrow.




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