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Not everyone learns the same way, studies the same way, focuses the same way, or even relaxes the same way. In some cases, students may need a more lasered-in approach to their education. Maranatha Christian Academy’s Learning Support Services is committed to identifying and meeting the distinctive educational needs of students through individualized educational programming by partnering with parents and teachers.

Here are a few of the ways we help our students...

Academic Services

Academic Individualized Education Plans (IEP/504) are designed to provide accommodations and/or modifications for students showing a need for academic support in one or more subjects beyond what is provided for all students.

“We are so grateful for the staff within this department.” – Jessica, lower school parent

Tutoring classroom support

Trained volunteers spend time with a small group or one-on-one providing individualized academic support, to ensure success in the classroom.

Special Class Placement

Our staff determines if in some cases, small group and one-on-one instruction for students in kindergarten – Grade 8 should be provided in reading and math based on student needs.

“We appreciate the support and help!” - Sarah, middle school parent

Student Organizational Support

Sometimes students need more than just academic support. Organizational Support is available to teach students how to successfully manage their academic workload on an independent basis, leading to more efficient time management and even success in the classroom.

Sensory Breaks

Focus and self-regulation are the keys to success in the classroom. Sensory breaks are designed to provide students who need additional sensory support with some time away from the normal class structure.

“Thank you for all your work with my child.” – lower school parent

Math Lab

This class is developed for students Grades 9-12 who need individualized learning with small group attention or one-on-one teaching, per LSS recommendation.

Study Lab

This Lab is designed for high school students to receive direct remedial instruction with an emphasis on individual learning styles while teaching organizational and study skills.

“We are so thrilled for what you have done for our granddaughter.” – grandparent

Mini Dyslexia Screening
and Tutoring

Mini dyslexia screenings are available upon parent request or teacher referral. Tutoring is provided using an Orton-Gillingham based approach.

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