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What will yours be?

Maranatha goes way beyond the ordinary measures of academic standards, delivering the kind of education that opens eyes and hearts for a lifetime. Here curiosity is applauded, discovery is championed, and ultimately world-influencers are shaped.

There’s no other school quite like it – we promise. But don’t take our word for it, we invite you in to see for yourself.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian School


Maranatha is positioned to go well beyond the ordinary, identifying opportunities that explore possibilities and establish purpose in our students, staff, and parents. Our unwavering vision, relentless pursuit of improvement, and dedication to our mission serves as inspiration to continue to set and then re-set the bar in education.



We welcome the curious ones. The students who are eager, not just to learn, but to search for something more – a place to find their fit, a mentor that challenges the status quo, a vision that dares to dream. This is an invitation to come alongside us and write your story.

Maranatha Christian Academy Robotics Private Christian Pre-K School


At Maranatha, we adapt, or better yet, get out in front of change, resulting in a truly innovative school. We inspire students to be spirit-driven leaders who are courageously changing the world.



Our athletes strive to win twice for an audience of one. Of course, we want to win on the scoreboard, but also to embody dedication, team effort, and graciousness, all while honoring our biggest fan – God.



While everyone else keeps fighting to be more alike, look more alike, think more alike, we’re proud to be ourselves. We are a true representative of our community and the world God created. One where everyone has a voice, a place, and more importantly is valued.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Pre-K School


In everything we do and say, we want it to be a true reflection of who we are, what we believe and what we will never stop standing for.