The world around us is changing rapidly. Many schools and the curriculum they use to educate students are undergoing changes in an attempt to fit into societies’ ever-changing perspectives. At Maranatha Christian Academy, we believe that having a strong Biblical foundation is essential to teaching and learning. We endeavor to see and teach everything through the eyes of Jesus. This perspective allows us to base our educational standards on our Christian worldview, developing strong co-creators of tomorrow.

One such area under scrutiny as of late is how Minnesota schools will handle their social science curriculum in the near future. Maranatha Christian Academy’s Social Sciences Department has always endeavored to pursue unity and honor diversity in all classes within the lens of a Christian worldview. We are watching as Minnesota’s Department of Education reviews and revises the academic standards for social studies. Our Social Studies instruction will remain grounded in Christian faith, while we train students to think critically as they evaluate cultural constructs through a Biblical lens. Our Christian worldview will not be compromised at Maranatha Christian Academy.