Welcome to the High School

Throughout history there are certain things that change the way people experience the world, like light bulbs and sliced bread. Maranatha is changing what school should be. We’re doing away with stodgy and safe to chase after something far more worthwhile - possibility, discovery, and being the people, the place, that ultimately changes our students for the better. Forever.

In high school, we are teaching our students to courageously embrace change, empathically solve today’s (and tomorrow’s) problems, and impact progress. We’ve created a space for students to learn from themselves, each other and all of us. We are a distinctive, committed, and dedicated community of educators, administrators, and go-getters, unabashed and driven, sincere and passionate about the “us” that makes up Maranatha. Let’s learn to never stop learning.

There is no other school quite like it – we promise. We are Maranatha Christian Academy.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian School

Re-thinking education can be pretty ambitious.
Good thing we do ambitious well.

Bringing the U to You

Since when has the way things have always been done been a good enough reason to keep doing things? At Maranatha, we’re not afraid of standing for something different. With our Associate of Arts Degree Program, we are redefining what a high school experience can be. We offer students the opportunity to learn from in-person professors and earn their degree all within the safety and security of our campus. The beauty is students still participate in high school activities, such as prom, sports, theater, and more.

If getting an AA degree is not your deal, PSEO and AP classes are always available. From Hiptronics to Robotics; Psychology to Medical Innovations, we offer classes that allow students to build an academic plan that fits their future.

Infinite possibilities

Utilizing the latest technology such as our laser cutter, 3D printer, robots, and engineering software, or S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology. Engineering, Arts, and Math) Center is generating big ideas. A new normal of teaching our students to collaborate and connect, grow through failure, embrace exploration, and pivot with perseverance is creating a space where curiosity is applauded, discovery is championed, and ultimately, world-shakers are made.

The sharks are circling

At Maranatha, things don’t just happen. There is an intentionality in everything we do. So, when we push our juniors and seniors into shark-infested waters, some may say we’ve gone too far. We beg to differ.

In our Beyond Impact Entrepreneurship Center, we are developing courageous change makers and impactful innovators. Students create their own business, participate in a Shark Tank competition, work as a consultant with companies, and present their ideas/inventions to Venture Capitalist. Here, the risk is worth the reward.

What will your defining
moments be?