MCA Pivot fund

Maranatha is a place with a unique community that has thrived due in large part to the blessings of the parents, teachers, and staff who make our school so exceptional. We understand that the past few months have been tremendously challenging for members of our community for a wide variety of reasons. We are dedicated to being the head and not the tail, and an example of top tier education for others to emulate. Maranatha will therefore be moving at an unprecedented level to address the unique needs for tuition assistance, advanced training for teachers and staff, and a more capable IT infrastructure to name a few.

We as a school and a Christian community are pleased to announce the creation of the first ever Maranatha Pivot Fund. Every year the MCA Fund receives thousands of donations to advance the school and its mission for our students. As of April 27 of this year, all donations for this annual fund will be redirected to assist our families, staff, and community as a whole.

This redirection of funds will not only provide for the continuation of excellent remote learning but also go a long way in providing emergency tuition assistance, and meet other needs that would not have been addressed using the traditional MCA Fund.


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