Mr. Corey Bianchi-Rossi

Chief Advancement & Design Officer

Miss Karen Boese

Principal; Learning & Innovation Director

Mrs. Anita Hauglid

Executive Assistant to Mr. Sullivan

Mrs. Shannon Kolb

Executive Assistant to Mr. Szwaja

Ms. Deb Larson

Assistant Head of School; Principal of Learning & Innovation

Mr. Brian Sullivan

Head of School

Mr. John Szwaja

Director of Finance and Operations

Mrs. Sandy Thoma

Admissions Director

Miss Joanna Richter

Principal; Learning & Innovation Director

Department Heads

Mr. Kennedy Ewefada

Information Technology Director

Miss Lissa Flaaten

School Counselor

Mr. Evan Handrick

Director of Engineering and Innovation

Mr. Matthew Shepherd

Business Assistant and Transportation Director

Mrs. Traci Thorson

Food Service Director

Mrs. Kelly Murray

Assistant Athletics and Activities Director

Mrs. Laura Vincent

Dean of Student LIfe; X-Tended Day & Summer Director

Mr. Jeff Thomas

Dean of Students

Mr. Seborn Yancy

Dean of Academics & Career Counseling

Mr. Mike Landers

Athletics and Activities Director

Support Staff

Mrs. Anissa Clutter

Purchasing Agent

Mrs. Roberta Ehlen

School Nurse

Mrs. Carolyn Jacobson

Registrar and Pre-k Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Mandi Johnson

Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Larson

Mrs. Deborah Meiners

Admissions Associate

Mrs. Tia Meyen

Administrative Assistant to Mr. Corey Bianchi-Rossi

Mrs. Keshia Shepherd

Student Account Manager

Mrs. Penny Sobczak

Events and Volunteer Coordinator

Mrs. Michelle Yackel

Student Services

Instructional Staff: Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs. Kristen Eickman

Teacher, Academic Chair

Mr. Glenn Simmons


Mrs. Michelle Young


Mr. Timothy Feia

Utility Teacher

Instructional Staff: Lower School

Mr. Allen Banks

Sixth Grade Math and Educational Technology Strategist

Miss Samantha Baune

Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Cheri Clausen

Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jersey Dykes

Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Mandey Fabian

Fifth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Samantha Valder

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Justine Johnson

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Marlene Larson

Fourth Grade Teacher, Academic Chair

Mr. Kyle Salley

Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Jody Szwaja

Third Grade Teacher

Mr. Dane Wellens

Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Colette Winn

First Grade Teacher, Academic Chair

Mrs. Holly Zappia

First Grade Teacher

Miss Danielle Clarke


Miss Rosemary Ladisa

Kindergarten Teacher

Instructional Staff: Upper School

Mr. Joshua Agrimson

Social Studies

Mrs. Kelly Capp

Language Arts, Social Studies & F.I.R.S.T.

Mrs. Susan Eibes

Language Arts and Yearbook

Mrs. Mackenzie Franck


Mr. Jordan Harrison

Language Arts

Mrs. Erin Henderson

Language Arts, Photography

Mr. Gary Isaacs


Mrs. Ginger Kirschbaum


Mrs. Katie Laing


Miss Rachael Long

Social Studies

Mr. Samuel Mayes


Mrs. Emma Mayo

Math, Academic Chair

Mrs. Molly Osberg

Business and Entrepreneurship

Miss Julie Reinking

Language Arts, Academic Chair

Dr. Faith Schumann

Science, Academic Chair

Miss Lauren Stensland


Mrs. Joy Swanson


Miss Scharmin Williams

Director of International Student Academics

Mr. Elijah Valder

Social Studies

Miss Grace Dunavan

Theater Director

Mrs. Kayla Molnar


Mrs. Katie Dumire


Learning Support Services

Mrs. Darlene Denmark-Brown


Mrs. Tanya Marvel


Mrs. Jamie Kaihoi

Learning Support Services

Mrs. Brooke Sauer

Learning Support Services

Mrs. Susan Severson

Learning Support Services


Mr. Mike Brooks

Music Hiptronics

Mr. Bill Campbell

Physical Education, Academic Chair

Mrs. Abbie Daws

Art (Lower and Upper)

Mrs. Stacy Huether

Learning Commons

Mr. Dyante Jordan


Mrs. Kari Nelson

Art (Middle and Upper), Academic Chair

Mr. Jerry Oehler

Learning Commons

Mrs. Syrena Schonning


Mrs. Jodi Thill

Physical Education and Health

Mr. Gerritt Van Otterloo


Mr. Marcus Steenhoven

Video Journalism

Classroom Assistants and Paraprofessionals

Mrs. Kathy Brandstetter

Lead Lower School Paraprofessional

Mrs. Jennifer Kuhne

Lower School Paraprofessional

Miss Carolyn Minton

X-Tended Day

Mrs. LucyHart Minton

Lower School Paraprofessional

Mrs. Heather Petersen

Pre-kindergarten Classroom Assistant

Mrs. Cheryll Wiseman

Pre-kindergarten Classroom Assistant

Miss Grace Coughlin

Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Assistant

Information Technology

Mr. Michael Garland


Mr. Michael Minton


Mr. Nick Murphy