I am just telling you; we LOVE our school. Their dedication to the students and partnering with parents is awesome. Every single day of the week was broken down with a mix of online work and prepared work and given to us in advance.


Shayna Dodge

So thankful for the support and
teaching at MCA!


- Danielle Huffman

First day of distant learning made
efficient because of such
comprehensive lesson plans.
Dad & Mom really appreciate all the
time my son and daughter’s
teachers put in prior to this to
set us all up for success at home.


- Jameson Johnson
Jenna Gloeb

It is a blessing to have MCA in our lives...to know our kids are still excelling even with distance learning and the teachers really care mean so much to us. We know all schools are not doing anything close and the effort from all staff will never be able to be given enough thankfulness and gratitude.


Shawna Matheson

MCA has the
BEST teachers
and staff!


- Heather Lanari

What an amazing job you all have done to prepare
and teach our kiddos! During these tough times,
I am so thankful you are the one there to lead
our school Mr. Sullivan!


- Brooke Sauer

My daughter seems to be thriving in MCA's online school environment with our amazing instructional staff.  I am so thankful for their efforts, making my tuition dollars spent worth every penny.


Tammy Wolf

We are so blessed the way that online learning is being handled through MCA. I share with friends with children at other schools how MCA is engaging the kids and carrying on as close to normal as possible by the interaction, the schedule, the zoom calls, texts and emails and their jaws drop. It’s a hard time for all of us – MCA is getting this right. The support we have can’t be found anywhere else.

Donna Olson

"Thank you for doing such a

wonderful job

connecting the kids, your lesson plans

have been easy to follow and very helpful."

-Pre-k family

We are extremely grateful for the
way MCA has done distance
learning and maintaining as much
normalcy as possible!


- Angela Shaughnessy

Thank you, MCA for doing a great job at maintaining some 
Normalcy during this crazy time!


- Melissa Hutcheson

We feel so blessed with the MCA staff and are just so grateful.


Jennifer Grove