Welcome to Maranatha!

Maranatha Christian Academy is positioned to go well beyond the ordinary, identifying opportunities that explore possibilities and establish purpose in our students, staff, and parents. Our unwavering vision, relentless pursuit of improvement, and dedication to our mission serves as inspiration to continue to set and then re-set the bar in education.

In our fast-paced world, change is inevitable. At Maranatha, we adapt, or better yet, get out in front of change, resulting in a truly innovative school and, in turn, learning experience. We inspire students to be spirit-driven leaders who are courageous changemakers for kingdom building. Our Christian faith is at the core of Maranatha. We celebrate our Creator’s unique design of each student, seeking to personalize education so students can discover and develop their gifts.

I am honored that you value your children’s education enough to explore not only what is best, but what is right. By experiencing our community of learning at Maranatha, your students will be prepared for life’s next chapter as they grow into courageous changemakers, empathetic problem solvers, impactful innovators, curious explorers, spirit-driven leaders, and gracious community builders.

I look forward to collaborating with you as we develop the co-creators of tomorrow.

Serving Him together,

Brian Sullivan Head of School at Maranatha Christian Academy

Brian J. Sullivan
Head of School

Our Mission

We are an influential school of collaborators, innovators, and explorers grounded in Christian faith, empowering co-creators of tomorrow.