Welcome to the Lower School

In the Lower School at Maranatha Christian Academy, everything is measured against our mission statement. Are we academically rigorous? At every level, we challenge our students. Are we distinctly Christian? Yes, we weave the Word of God into every subject. Do we provide an environment of high values? Yes. Are we developing character in our students? Yes, from the youngest student in kindergarten. Will you find an exceptional student culture here at the Academy? Without a doubt!

Media literacy is woven throughout the curriculum. Students are taught responsible use of the Internet and along with a variety of available programs; our students create movies, reports, presentations, web pages, digital stories, advertisements and more.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School


MCA lower school students learn about God’s creation in the framework of a Christian worldview. Hands on instruction and real life experiences enhance science lessons.

To see a more detailed description of the Lower School Science/Health program, please see our Typical Course of Study document.


Kindergarten through fifth grade students experience a variety of projects that integrate technology into curriculum in a fun way. Technology skills are gradually introduced in each project including: word processing, presentations, spreadsheets, Internet, databases, desktop publishing, photo editing, computer animation, programming, video production and more. Keyboarding is introduced in third grade. Teacher collaboration blends computer-related learning activities into other academic areas to have students acquire, organize, demonstrate, and communicate technology literacy.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School


Our pre-engineering program begins in kindergarten with robotics and coding/programming activities. Students use software to acquire information, use feedback to adjust a programming system and work with simple machines, gears, levers, pulleys, etc.

The students work in teams to apply math and science knowledge and to implement problem solving skills to create robots and other structures. Lower school students have opportunities to visit the STEAM center for projects.


MCA believes that the arts provide a source of stimulation and expression. Therefore, by exposing our students to a variety of arts, creativity and independent thinking is being developed. Art history and the styles of artists are explored with hands on projects. The art curriculum is designed to integrate biblical truths into each lesson using a variety of art techniques and tools.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School
Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School


A strong foundation in mathematics is crucial to our robotics and pre-engineering programs. Students learn the basic math concepts and principles through whole group teaching, working with partners and small groups and hands on instruction using math manipulatives. It is our goal to give our students a solid math base so they can take their knowledge and apply it to real world technology and learning, beginning a journey to a new world of innovation.


We believe the Bible is a living document that should be modeled on a daily basis. Although we follow a Bible curriculum, a biblical worldview is woven into other curricular areas as well as everyday classroom experiences. We provide opportunities for students to not only learn the Bible, but also to be involved in a variety of community and international outreaches.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School
Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School

Language Arts

From combining letters to form words to understanding how to create a compelling piece of creative writing, our language arts program is an integral part of our rigorous lower school academic program at MCA. Our kindergarten students learn to read and express their thoughts in writing and appreciate literature. This foundation is built upon throughout lower school as students participate in literature circles, writers’ workshops and learn the mechanics of grammar and sentence structure that is often lost in today’s educational climate.

Social Studies

Understanding the world we live in and the communities we are part of is an important part of the academic program at MCA. The students learn important geography and social studies concepts with a Christian worldview perspective woven throughout the content. Our goal is to equip our students to live out their faith and be an influence for God in their communities.

Maranatha Christian Academy Private Christian Lower Elementary School