The Performing Arts

Recognizing that the creative, expressive, and intellectual growth of our students is an integral aspect of a well-rounded education, Maranatha offers an exceptional fine arts program. Experienced specialists train, shape, and refine talented, young performing artists’ divinely-inspired gifts in an academic climate that nurtures growth in the disciplines of theater, band, and choir.

The Performing Arts is a vehicle of public expression which imitates life and integrates the Divine. This is achieved through theatrical productions, and the performances of choral and instrumental music. Students are taught not only to prepare but also to analyze and interpret a composer’s or writer’s works to an audience.

Whether through theatrical productions, band or choir concerts, MCA students are taught an appreciation for the arts–building a godly and cultured foundation for a lifetime of artistic involvement.

Maranatha Christian Academy Art and Music Private Christian School
Maranatha Christian Academy Painting Art Private Christian School
Maranatha Christian Academy Ceramics Art Private Christian School

Visual Arts

Maranatha’s art program is dedicated to creating visually literate students who create high quality art within a distinctively Christian environment. Housed within the STEAM center, the art department develops the student’s whole spirit, soul and body. With a large variety of electives and art mediums, the art specialists aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to an ever changing world in the aesthetic realm that will prepare them for higher education and lifetime response in the visual arts.

Lower School
Each lower school student has art class with a specialist once a week. These classes focus on specific art fundamentals, art history, and creating art in a process oriented and problem solving manner.

Upper School
Within the upper school, students are given opportunities to choose art electives from drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, textile arts and photography. Students not only produce work but also analyze and evaluate art history.

Annual Festival of the Arts
Maranatha values and encourages artist skill and performance through our annual art show. The Festival of the Arts, held in the spring, highlights the achievements of students Pre-K through Grade 12. All students in the school display at least one piece of work they have created and compete for awards. MCA invites artists from the community to judge the work and present the awards. In addition to the visual art displays, the choir, band and theatre department perform selected pieces. The Annual Festival of the Arts event is an important date on the MCA calendar.

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