Innovation. Change. Progress. All words that are used more and more frequently in every industry. At Maranatha Christian Academy we have identified the need to develop a new, innovative approach to education to remain a leader in the field. In doing so, we realize that it is imperative to provide our teachers with the tools to teach in ways that, well, maybe have not been considered in the past.

MCA has partnered with Incubate to Innovate to lead every teacher and staff member through their ChangeMaker Innovation Fellowship. This means all staff will be well-equipped to incorporate innovative thinking and concepts into their curriculum and daily tasks.

Incubate to Innovate is a company that provides educators with best practices, tools, and an online collaborative network to transform teaching and learning experiences and environments using innovation to prepare students with 21st-century skills. They have designed a process, framework, and practical methodology that offers new approaches to creating and sustaining exploratory and experiential learning environments with their ChangeMaker Mindsets™.

What are ChangeMaker Mindsets™?

  • Embrace Exploration
    • The journey toward exploratory and deep learning is valuable because it moves a person from the zone of predictability to the zone of possibility.
  • Lead with Empathy
    • Empathy is foundational to creating solutions and opportunities that effectively meet the needs of individuals and organizations.
  • Pivot with Perseverance
    • The power of pivoting while using perseverance allows words, actions, thoughts, and attitudes to work together for good
  • Create a Win/Win Solution
    • The win/win frame of mind and heart constantly seeks cooperation and reciprocity for all human interactions.
  • Grow Through Failure
    1. In life, a person often learns the most from taking risks. Celebrating resilience, learning, and growth is an important part of authentic leadership.
  • Collaborate and Connect
    • Every person can be a Changemaker in this world if ideation is shared with others for greatest impact.

These exciting concepts will transform and propel the education experience of every student at Maranatha, teaching them how to think, but not necessarily what to think. These mindsets are essential to success in elementary school, high school, college, and in life.

For more information about Incubate to Innovate please feel free to visit their website.